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Overeducated Painters
Overeducated Painters
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How We’re Different

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We only give you superior detailed quality work.

Our teams are all professional and easy to converse with.

We take extra time to get the job done correctly.

We use the best materials for the job. Is your caulk cracked? Ours won't.

We remove your electrical switch covers -instead of attempting to paint "around" them.

Our experience enables us to give our customers some of the best detailed work possible. We take 20% more time per job (than the other crews) to give you 200% percent better work.

Our various team members have specialties in virtually every home improvement area except lawn, garden and pool. Sorry, we had to draw the line somewhere and that would have been way too much equipment to carry around.

So if you need any home improvement work done, we do much more than paint