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residential1In the realm of painting – Overeducated Painters is able to satisfy any request.

Out team members have the expertise to accomplish any painting task put before us. Whether your foyer is so tall you can not understand how it was painted in the first place, or your exterior paint falls off when an airplane flies by. We can help – and do it right so it will last longer. We are that confident that we offer a 10 year warranty on our work. Please ask for details.

Our Specialties include – but are not limited too

FAUX – if you have seen it, we can do it, including: Aged Walls, Color Blending, Ragging, Stripes, Suede and more!

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NEW HOMES – we can repair those nail pops and cracked caulking.

OLD HOMES – they need more care and attention than you think.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE – properly caulking and painting will help prevent big repairs bills down the road.

PRESSURE WASHING – we always clean your exterior before we paint. Plus if you want your paint job to last 15 years you need to do it each year. If you didn't wash your car… would it look good? Do you think the paint would last long either?

HELPING YOU SELL A HOME – with our experience – we know what the most effective things you can do to help sell your home. Wouldn't you pay more for a used car that looks brand new than one that looks old and dirty?